Verillis 100% natural air fresheners


Verillis is a Natrada brand that was created to meet the enormous need for natural air fresheners. When it turned out that there was little affordable on the market that could replace chemical air sprays, we decided with the help of the lab technicians of our current suppliers to develop a composition that was all natural!

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Our Verillis air fresheners

Tens of thousands of bottles of Verillis are now selling

Tens of thousands of bottles of Quiet Fairies, Sweet Angels, Cool Mermaids, Woodnymphs and Pure Princesses are now sold and thousands of toilets in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg are refreshed in a natural way every day. In addition to the Dutch-French-German manual, the English and Scandinavian languages ​​will soon be printed on the label. In most stores, the suggested retail price is € 6.99 for 110 ml.

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If we were going to introduce a new brand that was affordable and all natural, it also had to be completely free of petrochemical raw materials. The essential oils in our air fresheners therefore come from wild or organic plants and flowers and are not produced from petroleum, as is often the case. In addition, we also did not want to use synthetic or semi-synthetic emulsifiers. A challenge that finally succeeded after a lot of testing and after which we could finally show (and smell) the Wood Nymphs, Pure Princesses, Sweet Angels, Quiet Fairies and Cool Mermaids.

Other products

Verillis eventually became the brand under which we released all those products that were in high demand, but for which there were no good organic or cheap alternatives. For example, the range expanded over the years with Aleppo soap and various types of salt.